If you are suffering from panic attacks, you know how difficult life is for you. These attacks may happen randomly in the most unexpected time. People who are suffering from this disorder usually get help from pharmaceutical drugs, however, we all know that drugstore medications have inevitable side effects. To avoid this, we need to learn how to treat anxiety naturally to help keep us calm and prevent any panic attacks.

What Is A Panic Disorder?

Panic disorder is a brief of a sudden attack where you feel intense fear and apprehension. Individuals who suffer from these attacks know that it can lead to shaking, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and difficulty in breathing. Those who have this disorder will have attacks that can escalate quickly and peak after 10 minutes while other attacks can last for hours.

GABA Supplements – How Can It Help?

Our nervous system is composed of nerve cells called neurons and this as the wiring for our body. The nerve signals will travel the length of the neuron through an electric impulse. When the nerve impulse reaches the end of the neuron, it will jump over to the next neural that helps the chemical messengers of the neurotransmitters. Each of the neurons stores the neurotransmitter at its end and when these reach the adjacent neurons, they will lock into each other. Once attached, the neuron fires and will send an electric impulse down its length.

GABA, which is produced by the glutamate, works as an inhibitory neurotransmitter and will block the nerve impulse. This will encourage the neighboring cells not fire and should not send an impulse, contradicting what the glutamate does. This is the reason why supplements like GABA and panic attacks are closely associated because of its efficacy to these conditions.

GABA to treat anxiety naturally

GABA Supplements For Anxiety

In the event that you need to take GABA supplements for anxiety, the most prescribed dosage is between 250 to 650 mg and ought to be taken three times each day. This will make it an aggregate of 750 to 1950 mg daily. GABA successfully can effectively relieve anxiety because of its calming effect. This is the reason why these supplements are utilized as a treatment for people experiencing anxiety since it is believed that when the GABA levels are going down, this can cause different anxiety problems, like panic disorder.

The American Journal of Psychiatry states that the GABA reaction was impaired to those individuals who have panic disorders. Another examination proposes that individuals who have anxiety issues who happen to have a family history of mood and anxiety disorders will have a very low concentration of the GABA in their brain.

GABA Supplements, Are They Really Effective?

For GABA to be effective, it has to cross the blood-brain barrier which is the protective filtration system in the blood. It stops the blood circulation from reaching the brain tissue. The effectiveness of GABA supplements is still a hot topic for debate among the researchers by there is a very strong evidence from those individuals who tried these supplements to treat anxiety, depression and also sleep problems.

By Sienna