With many lovers of e-cigarettes and even more fans of box mods, but have a problem in either carrying it or a love for small petite devices, there are mini vape mods that are available. There is a huge variety of mini box mods that come in small sizes but deliver almost same effect like a true box mod, thanks to the advancements in technology that developed the battery and chip technology drastically. So, that being said, you can still get temperature control, power etc.

Why mini vape mods?

Vape mods a cigarette look a-likes that work by heating the e-liquid in them with the help of a battery and an atomizer. Usually refills are used every time the e-liquid is finished.

As the name reads, mini vape mods are miny, compact and are perfect for those who love to smoke with a little to do with carrying. In general, box vape mods are preferred for their feature of customization ability along with the battery life that one gets with them. As mini vape pods are developed, though they were not efficient as a box mod, thanks to the technology, they are sure getting close to compete with them. They still have the ability of temperature control, with great power capacity; they just fit in the palm and come with vaping modes to keep all types of smokers happy. So, if you are looking for a box mode for a good smoking experience, but are not willing to carry it for its size, then, a mini vape mods is the solution.


  1. It is pocket friendly and there are many brands that have a mini vape pod which fits comfortably in your palm and you can smoke with ease as compared to that of a box mod.
  2. Battery capacity: Each brand has a different battery capacity, but many come in the range of 1300-2100mAh. Some even have a rechargeable battery through a USB. Some even have replaceable batteries.
  3. Great power which is used to charge the battery which can in turn heat the atomizer.
  4. Some mini vape pods also have a sub-OHM to get a huge vapor cloud and intense flavors.
  5. Temperature control is one basic feature that is carried from a box mod that enables to control the temperature of the cloud.

Investing in a mini vape mod:

As vape mods are customizable, they are much suited to any type of a vaper. They give the kind of experience you preference and hence any one can prefer to invest in them. Your budget is the first thing that decides on customizing it followed by what you prefer. Two most important things of the vape mod are tank and coil.

So, start with, if you are looking for tanks, then are available in all materials, glass, alloys etc. But the latest is a sub-ohm vape tank that can even be added in a mini vape mod. Coils can be built by your own or you can get it from the manufacturer or simple choose to buy a new one as they are rebuild able and change the coil when you feel that the amount and flavor are not as nice as before.


While mini vape mods are the best on the go solution to get the same vape and flavor like the box mods, box mods have some extra features like Bluetooth, touch screen, tracking etc. that takes them one step forward.


By Sienna