Whether you simply want to become fitter over time or you want to drop a number of kilos before your wedding, Zumba is the dance-fuelled exercise option which will help you to lose a great deal of weight in a short period of time. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to keep yourself active and to exercise thirty minutes a day without exception, even if you feel a lack of motivation on a day filled with a number of particularly strong cravings for fatty foods. Your body is perfectly capable of forming a physical addiction to certain foods, which trigger the brain to release dopamine and other happiness inducing hormones, and the only way to combat this is with regular and thorough exercise.

Weight with Zumba

Burn Calories

Don’t miss out on Zumba workout classes this year if you truly want to see your fitness level improve over time. This is possible due to the sheer number of calories burned after just one hour of a hard Zumba class. From just one hour of hard work and fun, you can burn as many as 1,000 calories, a huge number when you compare that to the 200-300 burned after an hour of moderate cycling or walking. This is a class which will truly push your body to its limits and encourage every muscle you have to put effort into the workout.

It Is Fun

Zumba is a revolutionary way to lose weight because it incorporates fun and excitement along with an effective exercise routine, and there are many like-minded people who also want to take part in the class. Remember, this is not about learning how to dance well through a few classes but rather to push your body into shape while offering you the chance to truly have a great time along the way, a benefit not offered by many other exercise options. You deserve peace of mind and to see true results as you continue to work towards a better level of fitness and a reduced number reflected back at you on the display of your scale.

No Embarrassment

Some avoid the choice of Zumba because they fear that their dance skills are not on par with the level of skill needed for the class, but the truth is that only those with years of experience enjoying the routines will truly look perfect following along with the moves. Most of the men and women who take part in these classes are just as quick to get lost in the steps as you are, and you are not likely to find it embarrassing trying to keep up at first. Remember, this is an exercise routine mixed with dance for the betterment of your fitness, not the other way around, and you should use this opportunity to improve upon your current dance skills over time.

By Sienna