Basics of cryotherapy

It is a process that involves the use of low temperatures as the main part. Cryotherapy was originally designed to be used for the treating pains and swellings but later it was used for many other purposes including facials. The temperature of the part on which the therapy is provided is reduced rapidly by using materials like liquefied nitrogen, cold water, ice packs etc.

The sudden demand

The technology is new to the market and has a great demand as well. Whenever any new thing comes out, people always wish to try it at least once. Same happened in the case of cryo facial technique. People took a trial but to their surprise, it gave results. This attracted many more people to use it and in the present time, it has become one of the famous facial methods that has a lot of customers. More details about this type of facial can be found on


The process of cryo facial in brief

Before it begins, it is always advised not to apply any oil or lotion to the face. The jewelries are also taken off before starting. It is made sure that the skin is completely dry and does not contain any sort of moisture. In the session, a trained person or a clinician use small and controlled amounts of dry nitrogen. This will rapidly decrease the temperature of the surface on which it is being applied which causes the blood vessels to narrow a bit. The contraction allows a good amount of blood flow and the oxygen and other nutrients present will help in giving the skin a nice texture and will also help reducing the pain or soreness if any. The therapy can be used if you have-

  • Burns of any kind including sunburns
  • Rashes or burns on the skin of face or neck
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Redness or irritation of the skin
  • Swellings or pains on the face or neck area
  • Acne or related problems
  • Rough and dry skin
  • Blocked skin pores etc.

What is for you?

Almost everyone can use the facial safely to enhance their beauty. No significant side effects have been seen or reported till now. So the therapy is considered to be safe and effective by the professionals. With this treatment you can get-

  • A naturally glowing skin that looks younger and beautiful.
  • A face that has no wrinkles or lines that are caused by ageing.
  • A more firm and tighter skin that looks smooth.
  • Rid of the dead cells and blocked pores by providing elasticity and boosting up the production of collagen.
  • A better stimulated blood flow in the application area that makes it brighter and healthy.
  • Relief if there is a pain or swelling on the face.
  • Rid of acne or skin related problems to some extent.

Though the inhalation of liquid nitrogen used in the process can be dangerous, but when performed with proper precaution under a specialist, it can be totally harmless.

By Sienna