It is an established fact that if you are expecting a healthy child then you need a regular dose of prenatal vitamins as they are better than the multi-vitamins found in the medical store. True, for those wishing a healthy supplement to remain vigorous and active the multivitamin is enough. However, the same is not with that of a would-be mother as she is likely to require far more of certain basic nutrients not only for her own body but for her developing child.

Your body during your trimesters would undergo several changes and this would put strain on your resources of essential nutrients which of course need to be replenished quite often. In most cases the food and drinks that you take is an excellent source of all nutrients provided the diet is a balanced one. If not you will notice several symptoms like dehydration, dizziness, sleeplessness, tiredness and other medical conditions.

In all above cases your best advisor would be your doctor who would generally prescribe medications as part of the process of preparing you to the stage when you will ultimately deliver your baby. In such cases the prenatal vitamins unlike the multivitamins perform much better with improved results.


From hair growth to pregnancy

The vitamins of prenatal form always contain higher percentage of folic acid and iron as these are prerequisite for any woman undergoing pregnancy. Further, this also helps in the growth of strong and well textured hair. This is because zinc and iron is of utmost necessity for good hair. Some women may face neural tube defects and this can be prevented with the help of folic acid. Again, some women may due to lack of folic acid in their body become prone to abnormalities of the brain and spinal chord.

This is not the only reason why you should take the above vitamins as your baby too needs iron for growth and the higher percentage of iron unlike in multivitamins is definitely better as your doctor would surely suggest. It prevents your baby becoming anemic as well as reduces the risk of delivering a baby with inadequate birth weight.

The medication can be taken over the counter as it quite general for woman to take the same during their pregnancy period. The prenatal type of vitamin is also recognized by American Dietetic as adequate nutrient supplement during times of pregnancy. 

Online store purchase

You may purchase your vitamin prenatal form through the Internet and then make the payment online. If you need it for the entire length of period of pregnancy then you must purchase the whole lot as you will not have to pay any extra shipping charges. You will need to identify the reputed manufacturers or sellers as others may not be up to the standard. For this you may go through the independent reviews from past clients and you will surely get to know the names of these manufacturers.

You will need also to make sure that prenatal type vitamin has all the essential nutrients and whether there are any additives.


By Sienna