Know More About Insulin Resistance And How It Develops

In the most recent survey of the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of the dreaded disease called diabetes had a significant increase over the last three decades, From 1980, there were just 4.7-percent of the world’s total population that suffer diabetes but in 2014, it was doubled 8.5-percent, which is very alarming, so there are an approximately 422 million people around the world that have this kind of disease in 2014.

This massive increase in people developing diabetes is not considered the additional number of people who have prediabetes or insulin resistance. In this article, let us discuss what insulin resistance is and what is its connection between our body weight, insulin resistance meal plan, our blood sugar levels, and how people who are heavier in weight could lead to this and what can be the proper things to do in order to lose weight.

First off, we should know what insulin resistance is. Insulin is mainly produced by our pancreas and it moves the sugar in our body out of the blood and into the cells and insulin resistance happens when the blood sugar levels are very high in a very constant manner.  Insulin resistance can lead to a condition called prediabetes, which means that a person’s blood sugar level is above the normal level, but it is on the borderline of qualifying as diabetes.

insulin resistance meal plan

If a person develops resistance to insulin, it is an alarming situation or a warning that, without any actions taken or any intervention being done by having to change the lifestyle, diet and other helpful stuff may lead to developing a full-blown type 2 diabetes. Sugar, as we all know it, is our body’s main source of energy. Sugar comes from the food and liquid that we intake and it is broken down in our body and enters into our system’s bloodstream.

In order for it to be converted into energy, our cells need to pick it up while insulin is a hormone that is produced by our pancreas, which helps our body to move the sugar out of our blood to give the cells which are the one that needs it the most.

Losing weight can dramatically improve your health especially developing insulin resistance. Studies suggest that you can lose weight at the same time help you reduce the risk of developing insulin resistance that could lead to prediabetes. It only takes five to seven per cent of your body weight that you need to shed off in order for you to be safe from developing prediabetes and increase your insulin effectiveness. If you are around 150-pounds, all you need to shed off is eight-pounds.

Bottom line is, a person can keep themselves safe from developing prediabetes, insulin resistance, and worse developing a full-blown type 2 diabetes by changing their entire lifestyle. Proper diet, regular exercise, and moderate consumption of sweets help a person live a healthy life. People who ignore some symptoms or signs that they are developing insulin resistance are very vulnerable to developing diabetes. It only takes, dedication, health consciousness and of course self-care to prevent yourself from developing such disease.

By Sienna