The focus is on all the mothers during pregnancy and the reasons are valid all the more.  But trust me there are plenty of ways for the would be dads to make their presence felt. There are some pregnancy pointers for soon to be dads as well.

Setting up the home

Both the partners are tired by the end of the day. The lady needs more rest as she is prone to fatigue. This is a common thing during pregnancy as morning sickness or nausea is found in 70 % of women. Be the first one to catch hold of a broom, run to the nearest stationery shop or cash in on the extra laundry.

pregnancy pointers for dad

Ensure following upon on routine visits to a doctor are a must

You do not want to follow up on the first appointments to the doctor. Hearing the heartbeat of the little one or watching an ultrasound is something that you can hardly afford to miss. You would need a helping hand during this course of pregnancy. The more appointments of a doctor will help you understand on what is expected in the coming weeks.

Do appreciate the changing body of your partner

Pregnancy is a time where a lot of physical changes tend to take place in your partner. This is coupled with numerous mental changes as well. Take note of the fact that is not limited to the baby hump only. Your opinion as it matters should be followed with compliments as well. With your words your partner should feel like a super model and this is all the more so at a stage where she is feeling uncomfortable.

This positive outlook if possible should be taken into the bedroom. Once the body changes, there may be strong voices raised on how to work out sex. If there are any concerns it is suggested that you do get it cleared with the doctor as the physical and emotional quotient comes into the picture.

Talk to the lady about preferences of labor

Birth holds a lot of significance for pregnant women. This would mean to push a little one out of their stomach or rely on any assisted form of delivery. It is a normal scenario and it is suggested that how you can support your partner at this emotional point of time. The best way to figure more about them is to ask your partner.

You can make a list of pregnancy pointers for dad and then show it to your better half. Take note of the fact that just because you are not carrying the baby in no way means that you need to be on the side-lines. It is suggested that when you take an active role, it helps your partner feel that you are pretty much involved in the process.

In recent times you can go through a lot of books on qualities traits on a would be a dad and plenty of material on the internet is available as well.

By Sienna