The Types Of Dentists You Should Know

Dental hygiene is extremely important, brushing our teeth twice a day is not enough, we need to have regular check ups, and come to the conclusion if it is healthy or not. And if not then certain procedures may have to be done. But here’s the thing, each of us are made differently, that means our teeth are different too, and with that there are a quite a few issues that can occur with teeth, and the same dentist cannot do all the procedures that are there. There are special types of dental surgeons, who are specialized in various aspects of the industry.

Get to know the types of dental surgeons

There are quite a few types, namely;

  • General dentists; these are the most common types of dentists, they provide regular check ups, clean your teeth, and give you routine dental check ups. They are mostly family doctors, the ones that you go to all the time. These dentists will also refer you to other dental surgeons in case you need braces, or prosthetic teeth, and so on, as that type of work is out of their range, and not their specialty.
  • Pedodontists or pediatric dentists; pedodontists are the ones who specialize in children, and their dental care.
  • Orthodontists; now these types of dental surgeons are the ones I call Frankenstein, because they are the ones who deal with braces, jaw alignments, retainers and more. Basically a lot of metal, and wires are used.


  • Periodontists; they specialize in the treatment of gum diseases. They repair the gum tissue that has been damaged, whereas general dentist try to prevent gum disease.
  • Endodontists; these dentists deal with the issues that arrive within the nerve of the tooth. They can also perform root canals.
  • Oral pathologists and oral surgeons; this is the specialization of treating oral diseases. These pathologists tend to perform surgeries, mostly close to the throat, nose, and ears.
  • Prosthodontists; more commonly known as the cosmetic side of the dental department. Prosthodontists repair the bone structure, and the teeth, they make sure that the appearance of you teeth is perfect. They fit you for dentures, crowns, and bridges, and they even do teeth whitening.

How to choose the right dental surgeon for you

If you have problems that you know a normal dentist can’t help you with then it is best to go to one of the above, but the thing is many people don’t know what they are supposed to do, and who they are supposed to go to. But if you visit your general dentist they will recommend you to a special dental surgeon that is best catered to your issue. So this is great as you won’t have to go looking for them yourself. That is why you should continue going to regular check ups. Trust your dentist, they know what’s best for you.

Are all these dental surgeons’ money hungry?

Dental surgery is expensive, highly expensive, depending on the procedure the prices will vary. Just a simple tooth extraction could cost you around $75-$200, and don’t get me started on braces, they are just a money sucking vampires. Depending on the type of brace, how much of it is needed the prices could range from $3000 to over $8000. Which is hefty price, but if you have insurance, then thank god. Imagine it as an angel, it saves you plenty. Even though they are expensive procedures it is not best to put your health at risk.

By Sienna