Drug Rehab The Road To Drug Recovery & Treatment

Amongst several difficult challenges faced by various types of addicts daily, overcoming a drug addiction is one of the toughest challenges to encounter.  Family and friends support are essential as it serves as a huge support for the addicts during their drug rehab duration.  The road to recovery is a rough path; however, perseverance and endurance are needed to remain intact.

Several addiction centres are accredited by the Joint Commission as they provide insights and detailed brief about regarding drug recovery, its medication and results.  The patient’s addiction and underlying mental conditions will be used to design a personalized treatment plan

drug rehab

Primary drug rehab treatment alternatives

A multitude of drug recovery treatments are offered by specialists depending on the type of drug addict an individual is, this means that the recovery pattern differs from drug to drug.  The most primary drug rehab treatments consist of the following:

  • Inpatient Rehab
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs
  • 12-step programs
  • Smart recovery

From the aforementioned treatment options, intensive outpatient rehab is the cheapest; it is known for reducing the gap between inpatient, residential treatment and other outpatient programs.

Outpatient drug rehab different medication levels 

The severity of patient addiction, professional obligations and medical coverage determine the most suitable level of treatment; this is the primary reason why three levels of medication are implemented.

  • An outpatient drug treatment schedule takes four to six hours per week of therapy. The patient can either be treated with family sessions or psychiatric as the case may be. The treatment is the best fit for less severe or short-term addictions; in such cases, the patient must continue with full-term work or family responsibilities. Furthermore, click for info on the provided matter that is readily available on Google in order to acquire more knowledge on the topic.
  • The difference between outpatient and intensive outpatient is the level of addiction. The former is for a low-level while the latter is for a higher-level. This form of treatment level requires 10-15 hours weekly commitment from the patients for drug addiction therapy; mostly during the evening or nighttime hours. It is suitable for patients who require their daytime hours idle to perform other responsibilities; even if they have moderate to extreme addictions.

Partial Hospitalization which is also referred to as Day Treatment entails six hours per day for the patient. It allows the patient to spend nights and weekends at home. This is considered to be an ideal step-down strategy for those that just finished an inpatient detox. Go for the matter that is available on several websites online as they will assist individuals of having a better ideology regarding drug addiction treatments.

By Sienna