Everyone dreams of having that picture perfect body. But most people tend to fear the pain that comes with exercise strains. They end up quitting too soon. Today there isn’t a shortage of people looking to get fit at home without having to rely on gymnasiums.  But almost all such fitness programs rely on weights and equipment. There are a very few that do not rely on these, and one such program is PiYo. Several popular piyo reviewsof personal experiences from using the program are available online.

For starters, PiYo is a workout program from Beachbody that combines Pilates and Yoga at different degrees of intensity. PiYo does not require you to jump, strain, and punish your body in the name of staying fit. It does not require exceptionally long and strenuous poses. PiYo is a combination of Yoga and Pilates but with certain subtle differences. Pilates and Yoga by themselves require you to apply significant force on the body by performing microscopic core movements. But with PiYo, you only have to perform dynamic, flowing sequences that constitute a low impact workout program that leaves you relaxed and with satisfying results.

There are eight workouts in the basic PiYo package. These are low impact movements that are meant to shorten the workouts without sacrificing results, as evidenced by personal accounts of people in popular piyo reviews found online.

  1. Align – It is the fundamental package that aims to prepare your body for the forthcoming exercises.
  2. Lower body – Focused on training your lower abs and legs, this workout is a combination of stretching and toning that works from your glutes to your calves. This can often be a welcome relief from ordinary squats and lunges.
  3. Upper body – There are lots of push-up variations in this workout that targets your biceps, triceps, arms, and shoulders. There is a difficulty carve as each workout progresses, but it is still less intense that other traditional workout routines.
  4. Sweat – A little faster that other routines, this workout utilizes yoga based positions that includes considerable balance works.
  5. Drench – This workout focuses on burning calories. It primarily improves endurance and activates all muscle groups, leaving you drenched in your own sweat, as the name of the workout suggests.
  6. Sculpt – Varying tempos of this exercise keeps your muscle under tension and helps in toning and lengthening them.
  7. Strength intervals – Slightly shorter and fast paced, this exercise is focused on resistance training. Sweating is guaranteed as it gets your heart rate up while being low impact.
  8. Core – This exercise is ab-centric and can greatly help people suffering from lower back problems.

If you want a low-impact, high-intensity workout program, PiYo might just be the right one for you!


By Sienna