Drug Test Quick

Life is stressful and we all need a time out from the problems at work and home. We need time for our own enjoyment. At this time, some people love to do yoga, others to eat delicious foods, and some enjoy spending time with drugs.

We know it’s illegal, but we’re not here to judge. Everyone needs fun from time to time. However, this can ruin your life if employers find out about your habit. They don’t appreciate people taking narcotic substances even out of the workplace in their own free time. That’s why you have to take the drug test every now and then to prove you’re clean.

There are more kinds of different tests and you might be in need to do any of them. In this article, we’ll talk about the most usual ones and how to pass them.

Drug Test Quick

Types of tests

As we already mentioned, there are more options to do this. The most common are the saliva, the urine, and the hair test. They all have their pros and cons for you and for your bosses.

The saliva test is performed by taking a sample of the saliva from the person’s mouth. Then it is taken to the lab where a machine will detect all the substances in it. It’s important to know that the saliva sample will uncover drug usage in the last 4 days. Compared to the others this is a relatively short time.

The urine option is much more popular among employers. the reason for this is that it is able to uncover both health issues and drug use. The time to detect drugs is up to 30 days. During this time your system is still not able to completely flush the narcotic substances out of its system. It is doing it step by step and with every going to the toilet you flush a little of it. See how our body releases the toxins here.

The hair follicle test is conducted when a practitioner cuts a little of your hair and takes it to the lab. There, they will do thorough research and find what is inside your follicles. This is the most efficient drug-related test as it is able to show drug substances in your body for 90 days since you last consumed. It is also the hardest one to fake, so some companies insist on doing this test.

How to pass each one of them

If you’re facing an examination and you consumed narcotics sometime in the previous 90 days, you have every reason to be worried about. Of course, if the test you’re going to do is the follicle method. But, if it’s the saliva method, you have way more chances.

The saliva consists of a lot of ingredients inside and some of it might be drugs. On the market, you’ll find a lot of detox formulas that are made for mouth wash. These formulas kill every toxic particle in your mouth and even if you had drugs the day before, you can still pass the test.

The urine test is not that simple to pass – there’s no mouthwash routine that will help. However, there’s a detox tea that will help speed up the process and make your body flush the narcotics out of your body faster. The bad part of this story is that you’ll need from 10-14 days to be sure that you’re drug-free. If you used cocaine, 10 days will probably be enough, but marijuana particles stay in your system for as long as 30 days and you will really have to put yourself in it.

Drug Test Quick

If you don’t have 10 days, you can always try the fake pee option? What is this? It is a chemical formula called synthetic urine that is made to act as standard urine. It finds a lot of use in the health industry as a tester, but also as a prank – lots of people buy it to have fun with their friends. If you want to know more, here’s a website that explains this.

It works by switching the original sample with this one. It is made of over 94% water and substances that are normally found in the human urine. It is made to look exactly the same which means it smells, feels, and tastes the same. When you hand over the sample it’s important to mind a few instructions that you’ll find on any product you get for this purpose. For example, your sample must be at the correct temperature which is around 96 degrees. If the doctor that receive it sees it is colder, they’ll know you’re faking it and you’ll get sentenced without even having the chance to prove you’re not guilty.

The follicle test is also a challenge that is complicated to overcome. What the conductor of the examination do is cut a little part of your hair and take it to examination in the laboratory. This method is able to find drug traces for 90 days after you consumed. Amazing, right? Sure,it is!

When you consume any drug, the blood takes it all around the body. The scalp is not an exception. From it grows the hair so the drug is already inside. It takes around two weeks for the root part of the hair to come out and be available for the lab practitioner. The drug will stay in there for another 90 days until it’s completely gone.

If you want to get rid of it, you must use special shampoos for a long period of time in order to be sure you’re clean. People who have no time prior to the examination day, use different kinds of methods, like the macujo method which is proven to work. See more about this method on the link: http://www.doubledmechanical.com/the-macujo-method.html.

Once you manage to clean your hair completely of toxins, you’re ready to take the test. However, if you’re facing a surprise test and it’s less than 10 days, your chances are slim to none.

By Sienna