Confinement due to the COVID-19 is a new situation to which we must adapt in many ways, including food. A proper diet and confinement meal package, accompanied by a little physical activity, will help us cope, physically and mentally, and as a prevention of possible diseases.

In our context, the Mediterranean Diet, and more in these confinement moments are the best option since it can benefit us through multiple mechanisms. Beyond getting food for many days if the period of confinement lengthens (canned food, pantry foods such as legumes and cereals, nuts, frozen foods ), what is interesting is to combine it with those foods and, in general, a style of life, that helps the immune system in some way, and the mood and emotional state.

To begin with, we list recommendations for a diet in confinement due to the coronavirus:

  • Include a Variety of Fruits and Vegetables Daily.

The protagonists of each meal should be vegetables and fruits, whether cooked or raw. The variety in color also provides various antioxidant properties: in citrus fruits such as orange and strawberries; in berries and red fruits, with a high level of vitamin C.

  • Prioritizing Some Foods

Whole grains and lean meats, significant contributors of vitamin B and amino acids to build the immune system’s components, and iron and zinc deficiencies, which can suppress the immune system. The yogurt and fermented milk drinks, which through their living microorganisms act beyond intestinal immunity, increase antibiotic resistance, and have a healthy microbiota. The nuts, which also contain zinc antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E. And finally, some mushrooms and the garlic antiviral and antibacterial effects have also been attributed to them.

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  • Restrict Ingredients with High Caloric Levels and Low Nutritional Levels.

In confinement, it is clear that the necessary caloric intake is significantly lower, so all foods that provide a lot of simple sugars and fat (snacks, sweets, and pastries, refreshing drinks, etc.), as well as alcohol, would not be useful allies in confinement. It must be clear that the calorie intake must be taken into account and the origin of these. For example, 100 kilocalories from fruit, vegetables, or nuts provide much more nutrients than 100 kilocalories from industrial pastries, although they provide the same energy.

  • Create menus with the ideal combination.

You have to keep the healthy dishes’ proportions: including a serving of raw vegetables a day, adding vegetables and fruits, and adding legumes and nuts to maintain a sufficient protein intake and alternate with meat and other products of animal origin. An excellent way to do this is with the “plate method.” These combine with healthy oils, especially olive oil, and drink plenty of water, teas, or hot infusions.

Final Words

As a last tip, if you live as a family or with more people, try to make meals together, dedicating adequate time and without using mobile phones and tablets.

By Sienna