Everyone is conscious about their health. However, everyone should be consciousoftheir health. Everyone ison a quest to find for the diet that could save their body from diseases and will give them the perfect shape. There are a lot ofthings that give your health a boost and protects them from diseases and bacteria. However, among the many, there comes green tea that is extremely beneficial for the health. Green tea contains a lot of things that serve as a protective layer to the body and resist health problems.

Prevents cancer

Is the fear of getting cancer building in? Then you can drink green tea. This tea contains antioxidants, which helps the body to fight cancer germs. During green tea regularly, lower the risk of you developing cancer. The antioxidant present in the green tea acts as a protective layer to oxidative damage that iscaused to the body

Protects the teeth

The mouth is a placewhere bacteria are most prone to live. The food we eat is generally stuck in the between the teeth which welcome bacteria to buildits home over there. It is, therefore, becoming very important for the teeth to save from these bacteria. You can do that by drinking green tea, whichserves to save your teeth. The catechins that are present in the green tea protect the teeth and the mouth from bacterial growth. This, in turn, reduces the risk and damage of infection. Many people are in a great concern for the bad smell from the mouth. This thing makes the person to not speak properly and openly in form of public because they feel embarrassed. Bad breath is a greatproblem and is caused due to the bacteria inside the mouth and in the stomach. However, the green tree prevents bacterial growth. Having green tea multiple times in a day reduces this problem significantly.


A silent wish that every people haveis that he doesn’t want to get the old or fallen skin. Green tea is the warehouse to antioxidant. As you know antioxidants are the great cause for a list of several healthproblems that would take up a whole book to write for it advantages. However, the antioxidants present in green tea prevent the damages free radicals cause to the skin. It prevents the speed at which ageing happens in a body. Having the timely structured green tea diet could help you reduce anti-ageing speed and would make you look young. The antioxidant helps in the degenerative process of the skin and make the skin looks fresh.


 The green tea can be more helpful if you use green tea amla powder to intake in daily. This would make the body healthy and diseases free.

By Sienna