Finding the perfect remedy to treat pain can be difficult. There are different levels of pain that sometimes, no mefenamic acid or ibuprofen can cure. But there are substances that our bodies naturally produce to help our bodies cope with various pain and inflammation. One of these substances is called Palmitoylethanolamide, or PEA, which is commonly found in fats. It can also be naturally found in some foods, like egg yolks, peanuts, and soybeans. Some scientists even believe that this fatty acid can help boost our body’s natural cannabinoids and protect the nerves.

If you are looking for a better way to help manage pain and inflammation, Palmitoylethanolamide can help. Supplementing your body with PEA can help alleviate chronic pain more naturally. You can find more additional hints here about PEA and its specifications. You can also buy PEA powder from Cofttek, which is all high-quality and safe to use. You may check them out at Relieve chronic pain through this amazing substance.

How Does Palmitoylethanolamide PEA Work?

Palmitoylethanolamide or PEA is produced by our bodies naturally. It is known to help combat pain and inflammation. You can also take the synthetic form of PEA, which can be found in tablet, capsule, or powder form. It is only classified as a dietary supplement and not approved for medical use. Since the 1950s, scientists grew curious regarding its capabilities as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory properties. It has promising effects on many consumers, which is why many people take it as a part of their everyday diet.

PEA activates the energy-boosting, fat-burning, and anti-inflammatory key protein called PPAR alpha. With this protein, PEA stops the activity of pro-inflammatory genes and the production of other inflammatory substances in the body. It also reduces the activity of the bliss gene, FAAH, which breaks down the natural cannabinoids in the body. It will then increase the anandamide of the body, which helps combat pain and increase the feeling of relaxation.

The Many Benefits of Using Palmitoylethanolamide

The number one reason why people take Palmitoylethanolamide PEA is because of its pain-killing properties. It helps people manage pain which is caused by diverse health reasons. More importantly, taking PEA doesn’t cause any side effects.

Aside from the fact that it can help alleviate pain, PEA is also known to help in brain health and regeneration. It helps brain cells survive and it lowers inflammation, making it beneficial for those suffering from neurodegenerative diseases and stroke. Its ability to protect the nerve cells may not be restricted to the brain only, but it can also positively affect the eyes because healthy nerves are crucial in maintaining proper vision.

Because PEA has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, people suffering from multiple sclerosis are the perfect beneficiary of this substance. Its strong autoimmune and inflammatory nature can be hard to alleviate, so taking PEA supplements can help manage and control it. It also doesn’t have any adverse effects, unlike the first-line therapy used in treating MS patients. So if you are thinking of ways to help you manage chronic pain and alleviation, PEA might be the only solution you are looking for.

By Sienna